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Sound In The Storm

– DSR2 Free Write

Can you hear it? It’s loud and bold, yet soothing and serene. Listen again. It’s not the boisterous wind, or the rat-a-tat-tat of large rain drops pelting the pavement. No, it’s something more symphonic. It’s not the forecast of a guessing weather man, speaking of a category 4 storm. No, no it’s a familiar voice speaking in a familiar time. I believe I hear God speaking.

I hear him saying, “Way your anchor in me, and even during the windy, storm filled forecast of life I will sustain you. I will balance you while the rain beating down upon you causes your foundation to be slippery. I will secure you while storm rages, and the bustling wind attempts to throw you off course. You need only trust that I am ALWAYS in CONTROL.” – God


Do you hear him? It is not the threatening violence of Hurricane JOAQUIN, it is the triumphant victory of Jesus who has conquered every storm. See I have come to learn that the key to surviving the storm is to listen to the Sounds while in. This is essential because the sounds can vary. Sometimes we hear God say that He will Calm the Storm for his children, others times he will calm his children while in the storm. Either way, if you listen you have already gained victory.


I remember while in undergrad at JMU I had a roommate, Martin Scarborough, who study by candlelight and jazz. He was very renaissance, and I appreciated his value of the serene scene. He introduced me to Miles Davis and Kinda Blue. I haven’t been the same since. lol. I took his concept of serenity and stretched it a little further by purchasing a CD that had sounds of nature and the storm. To be honest it had never dawned on me how backward and enigmatic that idea was. Here I am trying to find peace by listening to sounds of rain and storm. Crazy huh? No, you think that sounds like a good idea? You mean, you too have experienced literal rainy days and said, “All of this rain, and these grey clouds seem to be like good sleeping weather to me.” Well, I know I have often associated rainy days with sleep, but today I realize that listening to those rain and storms tracks, or even getting the sleepy bug on rainy days may have been God’s way of SCREAMING at me. In those still moment of my past, I missed the message. I was being soothed by the rain and storm sounds, but silenced the sound of God. It was then and now that God may have been whispering, “I Am In Control.”

To shorten this free write, let me simply say that if we can sleep in the rain, and storm tracks help create serenity on a CD, then maybe we too should know that when the storms of life arise it is cause to rest not worry, be calm not creative in our thoughts of how bad things could be, and anchored in our faith instead of blown away by temporary circumstance.

It’s not scripture but I have found this to be true…They say, that in life you are often in 1 of 3 places. You are either getting ready to enter a storm, currently in a storm, or on your way out of a storm. If there is any truth to this, I suggest we open our ears and listen for the SOUND of the STORM.

– Dwight Shawrod Riddick
Free Write with Vids and Pics added later.

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Have A Blessed Day
– DSR2

Lessons from Disneys Dory

doryHere are a few life lessons that I gleaned from watching the Disney/Pixar Movie “Finding Dory”. Overall it was a great and fun movie. Let the Learning begin.

opening short film. There was an opening short film of a small crab being introduced to eating. His mother and other crabs teach ime one way, but he meets a bird that does it differently. — Lesson: Exposure to people that are not apart of your current culture and context or are simply not of your kind will teach you lessons that will save and change how your family or culture acts. This new way did not just help him, but it was taught to all of the crabs and everyone benefits from it.

Train Up a Child In The Way They Should Go. In this movie Dory’s parents teach her what they want her to learn as a child so that she can exist as an adult. Sure enough, even with her lack of memory, and extreme amnesia she was able when it was MOST necessary. to recall what she had been taught. What was interesting is that they felt it necessary to teach her not so or because she was perfect, but instead because she had a flaw. Lesson: It’s okay to notice your child’s flaws and rear them in a way that makes them better as they age.

Never loose Hope – Parents laid shells every day in every direction so that if Dory ever tried to coming home, she would find her way…even though they moved or made a change the life principle was the same. The movie reveals that even when Dory’s parents couldn’t see her they still believed and HOPED in her.  — Lesson: No matter where your children or loved ones are, always believe that they will return home. This is evident not in words, but in your behavior. Whatever your “shells” are, leave a living sign that you have been preparing for their return.

Destiny – The largest animal in the entire movie was named Destiny and she was partially blind. She could not see where she was going but was connected to a friend who made a “Sound” that provided her sight and encouragement.  — Lesson: This is a great image of each of our personal destiny’s. Our Destiny’s aren’t something you can always see, sometimes you have to follow the mentor voices, and patterns that will lead you. There are fears with exploring your Destiny, but with the proper “sound” or encouragement your Destiny can also be released for your benefit.

Just Keep Swimming – There’s a moment in the movie when Dory is confused and must make a decision. After not successfully coming to a great idea or an answer, she resolves to “Just Keep Swimming. — Lesson:  Go for it! dont quit! You don’t have to know everything some things come as you go. When you wait for an answer or great idea before moving you may be delaying your journey. Sometimes you have to just keep swimming and both purpose and the plan will unfold.

What would Dory do? – When Nemo and his father were lost, they asked each other this simple question… “What would Dory do?” — Lesson: We should never assume that we have all the answers. It is always a great practic to consider the ideas of others. What you will find is that we are all products of our environments so consider alternatives and then dig deep and find your own voice among theirs. Nemo and his father did, but so did Dory. Dory even stopped and asked herself, “what would Dory do?”, because there are times we act differently than our character and need to assess ourselves.

and FINALLY,Father and son team

Father and son team – Marlon and Nemo helped each other. I cannot help but notice that Marlon and Nemo were never separated in the movie. To see an older male assisting a younger male, and vice versa is always worth noting. — Lesson: Generations need each other and someone needs you. You also go further when connected with someone not in your generation. Also, there’s something special when men empower, encourage, and interact with other men. Especially when Father’s are present.

These are my personal lessons from The “Finding Dory” Movie, what are your thoughts.

A DSR2 freewrite


So back in November of 2015 I acquired what I thought was a stye on my left eye lid. I was sure that is what it was, and while it was not attractive it was not painful. It was a red enlarged bump, that was not normally there. My friends and wife suggested that I get it looked at and recommended an optometrist. The stye did not hurt, so I wasn’t rushing to have a remedy. I was pretty okay with it, believing that over time it would go away.

Per their recommendation, I went to the optometrist and she quicly suggested a home cure. “Take a hot cloth soaked in vinegar and salt water and apply it twice a day.” I did it once the first couple of days, but after seeing no immediate change started skipping days. It was that I intentionally wanted to be disobedient, I just didn’t find the stye as something that was priority.

I returned to the optometrist only to be given multiple options of how this ailment could be treated. At this point, in May of 2016, I still have the stye along with multiple treatments that gaurantee it could be removed. However, I still have the stye. This morning it dawned on me that this may be the unspoken challenge to ministry.

I have been drilling answers, and solutions through ministry. I, like many, have preached Jesus and the solution to a better life but haven’t seen the changes in people. To be honest it could start to get discouraging. Then, God reminded me of how I was treating my Optometrist.

Let’s parallel the roles. Let’s make my Optometrist the Minister and me the congregant or disciple. It would seem that She has provided all of the answers and even suggested that if I didn’t apply the home remedy or seek the minor surgery that overtime the “infection” not stye could create future problems. This was the closest she came to convincing me that I needed a remedy.She confirmed that what I thought it was, a stye, was absolutely wrong, but in fact there was a deeper issue.  I, however, as the patient or congregant still have not found an urgency to get this fix. Why? Why not make the call and get the surgery? I’m not afraid of the procedure. Why not take time only twice a day to apply the vinegar and salt water treatment? Why keep the bump on my eye when I have had so many answers given to how to fix? I have had friends, family, and my wife attempt to convince me to get it fixed, but I have not yet been compelled.

I concluded, that I definitely need to get it fix, but I have reasons why I haven’t committed to any 1 method. So, that this doesn’t get to be too long of a blog, let me just submit this idea.

Maybe in addition to the remedies that we spend so much time on preparing. The sermons, songs, and studies that provide answers, we should also spend some time ministering to the motivation of those around us. I fear that many, like myself, no they have the right answers but feel no urgency to apply these Gospel truths.

This a rare open ended blog that simply raises an awareness. An awareness that there is need for motivation before the ministry in order for ministry to be effective. Let me know you create this.

DSR2 free write.

Message In Montreal

img_0004I was so blessed to have a ministry opportunity in Montreal Canada. Not only did God speak during the preaching, but he was speaking throughout the entire trip. Here are a few insights from my time in Canada.

People look the same until they open their mouths. Are we what we look like or the message that we speak? If I did not know I was in Canada I would not have known by sheer appearance. Everyone there looked like the people I see every day in Virginia in the US. However, there was a difference. I didn’t notice the difference until each person spoke. Whether in English or French, the distinction came whenever someone opened their mouth. — Lesson: I wonder how many Christians are mistaken as being just like everyone else. Let me clarify, there should be no belittling of others, nor raising to a pedestal those who are of the faith, however, I do believe that when a Christian opens their mouth their should be some distinction. There should an accent of hope, good news, and encouragement. I clearly heard God say to me that actions matter, but your words make a difference in how you live, and how or if other see Jesus when they listen to your conversation.
Preaching with interpreter is the echo of God’s word.

I preached with an interpreter. This was a surprisingly great first for me. When I preached there was an anointed young lady who interepreted for me. The congregation was half English speaking and half French. So, while I listened to God and then spoke, she would in turn translate, and repeat it in French. — Lesson: I think God gives us the Holy Spirit as a translator. When we speak, people don’t just hear our words, the Spirit translate, and then repeats it to them. This is important because now the goal is not for people to always remember what we said, but for them to walk away with God’s version of what it means for them in their context, in their life, and for their purpose. God uses the double vocative and says His words more than once at the same time.

Purpose of The People. While the church congregation size was not a large church, the vision and purpose of the people was GLOBAL. Each person from the Pastor to the late congregant spoke to God as if they represented a large group. Each person represent a geographical area not just themselves. They prayed for Canada, not their families, church, or even their city. They believed that God would move as a result of their prayers and effective the ENTIRE COUNTRY! — Lesson: While I do believe that hurt people, hurt people and that there is a need for self-care; I must admit this global perspective was one to consider. I believe everyone should have something and some others bigger than themselves that they represent. Who do you represent? What group of people? Geographically, by gender, social class, or some other distinction. Whoever they are, make your next prayer and praise moment bigger than you.The worship there spoke of Montreal and Canada as if they were ambassadors or intercessors to God for the country

Bilingual Requirement. I met two unassuming individuals that really caused me to take a self evaluation. One was a drug dealer attempting to sell me some street pills. The other was the low wage receptionist on the other end of the phone. Yes, even the speed drug deaaler is bilingual. — Lesson: Why do we always make people speak our language in order to communicate. Learning an additional language should not be optional it should be a requirement. For the world it is a necessity to exist in one of the top countries in the world. As Christians it is important because it shows we care about others and we aren’t forcing them to bend to our rules, but we will gladly come to where they are. This is bigger than English or French, this is about speaking the language of pain, suffering, or inequality so that together we can still co-exist peacefully.

I continue to ask myself- Why have I not learned another language. This is not the first time I have felt inadequate. Lack of languages learned reduces fellowship and fellowship reveals common relationships (James O Davis)

DSR2 freewrite

“Whatever the circumstance of your life, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgements sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire”. – Isabel Briggs Myers

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”. – Carl Jung

Greater cooperation and harmony should be possible if we can learn to understand and appreciate the ways in which others differ from ourselves.- Peter Briggs Myers

What is it we judge others by their behaviour and ourselves by our good intentions. – Irish Proverb

Be what you are and become what you are capable of becoming. – Robert Louis Stevenson

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust

To know oneself is half the battle. – Brendan Doyle

Sound of A Miracle


Just as Gehazi was telling the king how Elisha had restored the dead to life, the woman whose son Elisha had brought back to life came to appeal to the king for her house and land.

Gehazi said, “This is the woman, my lord the king, and this is her son whom Elisha restored to life.” 2 Kings 8:5

Here is a classic cord of God’s providence. Simply put, God had three people in two scenarios simultaneously in motion that were meant to intersect and end in blessing. He does not play all of the parts but like a conductor he swings his hand vigorously and causes the symphony of our lives to vibe together.

While Gehazi begins the overture, talking at steady tempo about a miracle, God has the actual miracle woman a few music bars nearby stepping off of her chariot in concerto and walking towards the building. As Gehazi reaches his crenshindo and mentions her name she enters the room raising the atmospheric energy an octave.  The king now has tangible evidence of the very words Gehazi is speaking. His command to bless her began as a simple pitch to help but ended in a vibrato of how he would now give her so much more. This movement in their life’s music has thrust the king into a fanfare (pun intended) as he now becomes a fan of God.

This is how powerful God is. He takes three uniquely designed instruments and creates a harmonic ensemble. When you speak about his ability he musically texturizes your life. When you testify about his works, he synthesizes your life to work together like an orchestra to create a beautiful blend of melodious miracle like music.

This woman walks into the room to a make a request and her blessing is already being tuned up. Gehazi is trying to convince the king of God’s power and God’s gives him a witness. It is God conducting an Orchestra.

We too must know that God is orchestrating our lives. Whether we are speaking about him or going to make a request that he must fulfill. Or maybe we are the King and are looking for the right person to bless. Know that God is already conducting every instrument so that your testimony will sound great.

Today you should listen for the sound of your testimony.


Play Your Card


So we cooked my son and ate him. The next day I said to her, ‘Give up your son so we may eat him,’ but she had hidden him.” 2 kings 6:29

Wow. She cooked her son. It seems so morbid. So horrific. The only act seemingly worse than a person who sacrifices their son for themselves and another’s own survival is when the other participating party that’s suppose to sacrifice life chooses to renege.

(RENEGE: to have the ability to play and lay down the card in your hand and then deceptively choose not to play that card in an attempt to seem more successful then you are.)

Isn’t that worse. To live because of another’s life has been taken then selfishly act as if it didn’t matter. Isn’t that horrific, to enjoy the benefits of someone giving their son, and the son dieing and then never attempt to pay back the debt by sacrificing anything of your own.

I contend that the 1 thing worse than a parent killing their son son so others can live is when those who benefit from that death never make their own sacrifice.

If you don’t hear it yet, maybe we should reconsider our role in this story. Too often we are that second person. We are the ones who enjoyed God sacrificing his son Jesus so that we could have an abundant life, only to then neglect to give our lives or anything else for that matter for him.

The only act seemingly worse than a person who sacrifices their son for themselves and another’s own survival is when the other participating party that’s suppose to sacrifice life chooses to renege.
Do not renege on this. PLAY YOUR CARD.